Astravets activist sues officials over administrative charges

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Socio-political activist Mikalai Ulasevich

Socio-political activist Mikalai Ulasevich

Mikalai Ulasevich, civil activist from the town of Varniany, has lodged a lawsuit with the Court of Astravets district against a number of local officials who initiated administrative proceedings against the activist.

Mikalai Ulasevich was detained on 21 September, two days ahead of the election day, taken to the police department and searched. He was initially charged with illegal distribution of election campaign materials. However, the charges are still being investigated, after a linguistic examination of the election fliers was launched by the law enforcement agents. Meanwhile, the officials have repeatedly denied the activist’s access to the case file.

In his appeal, Mikalai Ulasevich enumerates the names of officials who have abused their authority, including several policemen and the Prosecutor of Astravets district Aliaksandr Martsinchyk.

The activist stresses numerous procedural violations during the investigation of the administrative charges brought against him, and urges the Court to suspend the effect of decisions under appeal during consideration of the case.