Fair World observers receive standard come-offs from CEC and Prosecutor’s Office

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Members of Zhlobin district office of the Belarusian United Left Party “Fair World” have received runaround replies from local Prosecutor’s Office and the Central Election Commission to their complains against several violations during the parliamentary elections, says former candidate Valery Rybchanka.

“In particular, we complained of illegal presence at night of a policeman in one of the town’s polling stations. The District Prosecutor’s Office argues that the policeman was there to perform a check, therefore his presence was legal,” says Mr. Rybchanka.

Similar come-offs were issued by the Central Election Commission. The Official reply signed by the CEC head Lidziya Yarmoshyna says that the reported violations failed to impact the overall outcome of the elections.

Independent observers in Zhlobin reported numerous violations of the electoral legislation during this year’s general elections, both during the early vote campaign on the election day, 23 September. In particular, members of election commissions allowed casting ballots by people’s relatives, issuing several ballot papers at a time.