Vaskovich has been receiving letters only from relatives for half a year

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In the letter to the editor-in-chief of Babruiski kurier Anatol Sanatsenka the political prisoner complained that since the middle of March he had been receiving mail only from his relatives.

According to the information form the press-sevice of the Belarusian Association of Journalists Anatol Sanatsenka received a letter from the journalist of his newspaper Yauhen Vaskovish, who is now in the prison number 4 in Mahiliou. This is the first piece of news from the political prisoner for almost two years that he has spent in an isolation ward, colony and prison.

In the meanwhile, Anatol Sanatsenka repeatedly wrote to Vaskovich, sent him congratulations on New Year’s Day and birthday greetings. But the mail didn’t reach the addressee.

Vaskovich himself confirms that in his letter. He complains that since mid-March of this year and up until recently he has been receiving mail only from his relatives.

The situation changed a bit in September when the administration of the prison gave him the letters from a young poet Yan Hryb and Nasta Palazhanka as well.

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