Brave heart (Video)

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New mini-film about the political prisoner journalist Iryna Khalip.

Another film from the series “The chronicle of the judgment time” is about the known journalist Iryna Khalip. On 19 December 2010 on the day of presidential elections she underwent forced detention on the way from the Nezavisimosti square and put into the KGB prison. In the end of December 2010 the journalist and wife of the presidential candidate Andrei Sannikau was accused of a crime according to the criminal suit filed by the committee of preliminary investigation of the Minsk City’s police department. The cause for the law suit were mass disturbance according to the parts one and two of the article 293 of the Criminal Code, the human rights center Viasna reminds.

While Iryna was in the KGB prison her family underwent exceptional pressure. The authorities tried to take a three year old child of the journalist Danik Sannikau from the family to an orphanage. On 16 May 2011 in the court of Minsk’s Zavodskoi district Iryna was sentenced to two years in prison with a postponement.

Iryna Khalip is a winner of Dzmitry Zavadski prize (2003), Henry Nannen prize (2005), Europe’s hero prize in the nomination Brave heart (2005), the For Courage in Journalism award (2009).

Brave heart (Video)