Ivatsevichy: observer gets fired after election

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Stanislau Khaladovich (Ivatsevichy)

Stanislau Khaladovich (Ivatsevichy)

A locksmith from the communal public services enterprise in Ivatsevichy Stanislau Khaladovich, who was an observer of the elections, received a notification that his working contract won’t be prolonged on 7 November.

At the same time the enterprise lacks 40 employees. In fact, there are no more experienced workers with secondary vocational education, such as Khaladovich, as they have left the country searching for better jobs. Now young specialists who have just graduated from vocational colleges mostly work for the enterprise.

According to Khaladovich, he has never had any penalties at work and in 2009 was even honored with a diploma for excellent work. Stanislau Khaladovich considers his dismissal as politically motivated and says that the wave of the administration’s discontent was cause by the parliamentary elections: he was an observer at the polling station #6 in the constituency 11, which was chaired by the head of the enterprise Uladzimir Burdz. This polling station had the lowest turnout percentage in the district. At it is still so even considering the impudent falsifications, Khaladovich says.

He notes, that when in 2010 he spent 10 days in Zhodzina prison for participating in the post-elections protest action, he wasn’t fired, only later he was transferred to another position with a smaller salary and didn’t have promotion in his qualification scale.

Stanislau Khaladovich is not going to file an appeal on the decision of the Ivatsevichy communal service enterprise’s administration as he does not trust the Belarusian judicial system at all.