Another scientist is being fired in Hrodna

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The name of a new possible victim of a “cleansing” in the HrodnaUniversity named after Yanka Kupala is already known. It is a Belarusian-speaking professor Ihar Kuzminich, who was a deputy head of the law faculty before September 2012.

As employees of the university told the “Tvoi stil” radio the head of the Innovation center for law education is under pressure to sign a voluntary resignation agreement.

As it became known, the reason for the resignation were the fairy tales about Pahonia and a fairly-tale about a white-red-white flag written by Kuzminich.

In October 2010 some of Kuzminich’s fairy-tales were issued as an audio book. There was a news piece about the author even on the state television.

Bear in mind that in September a historian Andrei Charniakevich was fired from the university and some other professors had “preventive conversations” with participation of special services’ agents.