Hrodna Region Court turns down appeal against non-registration of BPF organization

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The Hrodna Region Court didn’t grant the appeal of the Belarusian Popular Front Party against the non-registration of its regional organization by the justice board of the Hrodna Region Executive Committee. The judge Zoya Nikolskya found nothing illegal in actions of the registering agency.

The head of the Hrodna regional organization of the BPF Vadzim Saranchukou considers this decision a predictable indicator of the authorities’ attitude to the civil society.

“In their registration denial they stated that we had indicated the name of registration instead of the place of actual residence and hadn’t specified the places of work of all members of the city organization. However, there are no such requirements in the law”, commented Mr. Saranchukou.

During the two previous years the BPF made repeated attempts to register the regional organization. However, the Hrodna region still remains the only where the BPF has to act illegally.