Unbelievable “qualifications” of Salihorsk commission

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Uladzimir Shyla

Uladzimir Shyla

The election commission of Salihorsk village election constituency #69 explained the reason for the disappearance of 12% (!) of electors from the electors' list at the polling station #76.

As it follows from the answer of the head of the election commission Tatsiana Yarota to the independent observer Uladzimir Shyla, the initial number of electors at the polling station was 3,094 people, but 381 persons (12.3%)) were crossed out as a result of the “qualification” which was held on the election day.

According to Mrs. Yarota, the people who were crossed out were either not citizens of the Republic of Belarus, left abroad, temporary changed their place of residence or were dead.

“There lists were checked three times before the beginning of the voting. However, the commission “qualified” them by removing almost 400 people on the last day of the election, when it became absolutely clear that the election would not take place with such a low turnout. As a result of such manipulations the commission secretary Mr. Kashtaliian, who is also a schoolmaster and a teacher of mathematics, calculated the official turnout – 50.3%,” commented Uladzimir Shyla.

The commission also answered the observer's inquiry concerning the presence of the chief Salihorsk ideologist Mikalai Maskevich at the polling station despite the fact that the law prohibits state officials to stay at polling stations. According to Tatsiana Yarota, the deputy head of the Salihorsk District Executive Committee on ideology “came to the polling station for a couple of minutes, from which it follows that he wasn't present there as a duty official”.

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