Mother cannot pass foreign medicine to political prisoner Aliaksandr Frantskevich

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For the prisoners with only one kidney they would accept only their Belarusian analogues.

Tatiana Frantskevich, the mother of the political prisoners Aliaksandr Frantskevich, told, that there is lull is the colony in the expectation of the Council of the EU’s meeting on the issue of introduction of new sanctions.

“Aliaksandr called literally yesterday, he told that they left alone him and Eduard Lobau, who is serving the term in the same colony with my son. There is no pressure on them there is lull in the colony. Recently the Vatican’s ambassador to Belarus Claudio Gegerotti visited him”, - the mother of the political prisoner noted.

“I think, the administration of the colony is waiting till the end of October, when the decision of the Council of the EU on the possibility of introducing new sanctions against the regime will be known. They are waiting for an order from the top as of what to do next. I hope everything will be alright, two guys were already released”, - said Tatiana Frantskevich.

“Aliaksandr made an appeal for us to be given a meeting in November, then it will be clear what is what. But there still remains a problem with a medical parcel. They won’t allow me to send qualitative foreign medicine to my son; they accept only cheaper Belarusian analogues. There is the cold season coming, and Aliaksandr has only one kidney he must not fall sick”, - she said.

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