Anatol Liabedzka accuses KGB of theft

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Anatol Liabedzka

Anatol Liabedzka

The leader of the United Civil Party (UCP) has not still received back his money, diaries and information carriers seized during the latest presidential campaign.

Anatol Liabedzka takes measures to solve the problem through a court, but all his attempts were unsuccessful, the UCP website reports.

The politician comments on the situation:

“KGB officers seized money and information carriers from my flat almost two years ago. In addition, some notebooks were seized after my release from the KGB remand jail. The criminal case against me was dropped last August. In accordance with the decision of the investigation team chief, they must return my money and personal belongings. They must, I stress it. But my attempts were unsuccessful. KGB keeps silence. The prosecutor's office and the Investigation Committee send formal replies. Courts refuse to accept a claim. This is disability and lawlessness. That's why I am going to use other methods of struggle besides applying to courts and the prosecutor's office. I am thinking about the format.

What we observe here is theft and robbery by the KGB. If courts, the prosecutor's office and the Investigation Committee are unable to provide the formally guaranteed assistance, I will have to refer to other methods to protect my legal rights.”