MP Savanovich's candidacy wasn't nominated by labor collective of housing service (ZhES) #48

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Workers of the enterprise composed a collective appeal to the Minsk City Procuracy asking to draw to criminal account the head of the housing economy #1 (ZhREA) of the Frunzenski districft Vasil Shashkawho is responsible for drafting the fictitious list of delegates who allegedly supported the nomination of Savanovich as a candidate for the parliament.

In fact, workers of the enterprise weren't acquainted with the man and knew nothing about his activities at the position of the head of the Minsk City Council.

There are nine statements of workers of housing service #48 addressed to the head of the service. They state that they haven't ever heard of Mikhail Savanovich, aren't acquainted with him and haven't taken part in any actions with him. The statements were collected by foreman Pavel Spiryn.

In the appeal to the Minsk City Prociracy he states that on 19 August the head of housing service #48 Hanna Yahorshava informed the labor collective that she had received a letter from the head of the Minsk City Council Mikhail Savanovich in which he asked to facilitate the nomination of his candidacy on behalf of the labor collective. A candidacy for the parliament can be nominated by a labor collective consisting of at least 300 people. That's why the head of housing economy #1 of the Frunzenski district of Minsk Vasil Shashok ordered to “elect” three delegates to the assembly and gather workers of housing service #48 for choosing the delegates.

“Taking into account the fact that nobody has ever seen or known Savanovich M.F., Shashok V.V. ordered not to hold any assembly, but to compose a fictitious protocol, according to which 57 workers of housing service #57 allegedly nominated as delegates foremen Spiryn Pavel Mikalayevich and MAroz Tatsiana Antonauna, internal plumber Kutskin Andrei Dzhonavich and a worker on comprehensive cleaning Kozina Tamara Aliaksandrauna,” reads the appeal.

Moreover, the secretary of housing service #48 Viktoryia Akhramenka was present at the assembly instead of delegate Kozina, though she had no powers for it.

In connection with the aforementioned facts, Pavel Spiryn asks the Minsk City Procuracy to hold an investigation concerning the presence of corpus delicti according to Article 192 of the Criminal Code of Belarus in actions of the head of housing economy #1 Shashok V.V.

According to the official results of the voting at Kalvaryiskaya election constituency #104 the victory was won by Mikhail Savanovich. According to an expert of the “Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections” Uladzimir Labkovich, if the facts presented by Pavel Spiryn prove to be true, it can result not only in punishment of the head of housing economy #1 of the Frunzenski district, but also can also raise doubts about the results of the voting at constituency #104.

“Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”