Human rights defender Pavel Levinau demands that results of voting be declared invalid

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Human rights defender Pavel Levinau

Human rights defender Pavel Levinau

Mr. Levinau filed two appeals to the Central Election Commission to report about violations at polling stations #52 and #58 of the Chkalauskaya election constituency in Vitsebsk. He proposes to annul the results of the voting there.

According to the observers' estimates, on 23 September the polling station was visited by 876 electors. However, the number in the final protocol is 1599 people – 723 electors more. Moreover, according to the protocol, 31 ballots were taken out of the polling station by the electors, which observer considers quite doubtful.

What concerns polling station #58, Mr. Levinau writes that he personally has 2 ballots received from the election commission. However, according to the final protocol no ballots are missing: the number of the electors who received the ballots and the number of those who voted match.

Pavel Levinau intended to vote at the neighboring polling station, #57, but wasn't given a ballot:

“First of all, they came to my home with a ballot box, though neither I nor my family asked for it. They also came to my neighbors who didn't intend to vote at home. I decided to vote at the polling station where I was registered as an observer. I signed for the received ballot, but the commissions disliked my signatures and refused to give me a ballot.”

Now the human rights activist asks the Central Election Commission whether the actions of the election commission were lawful and whether he was included in the number of those who voted though he didn't receive any ballot.

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