Dvaretski brothers tried for boycott leaflets

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Aliaksei Dvaretski

Aliaksei Dvaretski

Andrei and Aliaksei Dvaretskis were detained on 22 September in Minsk for posting leaflets with calls to election boycott.

They were kept at the delinquents' isolation center in Minsk before the trial. They were charged with violation of the urban maintenance rules (Article 21.14 of the Code of Administrative Violations) and with insubordination to police (Article 23.4 of the CAV). Proceedings concerning the first offense can be held only by an administrative commission, whereas the second charge was considered at the Partyzanski District Court of Minsk, by Judge Mar'yana Valchkova.

The first witness, soldier of internal forces Khlebavets, said he had seen the guys posting the boycott leaflets and asked to come to the police station with him. According to him, they started struggling to break loose, but then calmed down and followed him. Anatol Navapoltsau was the second witness at the trial.

The judge sentenced Andrei Dvaretski to 3 days of jail. He will be released at 5 p.m. tomorrow.