Manipulation of election results at many polling station of Hrodna

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Election commissions of many polling stations of Hrodna artificially increased the turnout by adding some 100-500 votes to the real number in their final protocols.

Independent observers registered such cases at polling stations #31 and 32 in Hrodna-Northern election constituency, polling station #5, 10 and 19 of Hrodna-Central constituency and polling station #30 of Hrodna-Zaniomanskaya constituency. According to the observers' assessments, the real turnout was about 45-47%.

The number of electors was reduced by almost 90 people at polling station #28 of Hrodna-Zaniomanskaya election constituency, which was registered by independent observer Leapold Kuzmich. The head of the commission Siarhei Piatrou explained that many voters were either drafted into the army or went abroad for work. Thus, on Saturday evening there were 2,262 electors in the list of voters, and on Sunday there were just 2,178.

The heads of the election commissions didn't allow observers to watch the vote count, placing them at the distance of 5-6 meters from the tables on which the ballots were counted. No numbers were called aloud during the counting.

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