Mazyr: Paleskaya election constituency, polling station #31 – 386 votes added

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

386 votes were added at polling station #31 of the Paleskaya election constituency.

“I haven't ever seen such arrogance from the side of the commission! Lawlessness rules among them. 2,550 voters were registered in the list of the electors. 850 of them voted early and 477 – on the election day. Thus, we get 1,327 people versus 1,861 (including those who voted at home) standing in the commission's protocol. As a result, according to the commission the turnout exceeded 70%. However, if we take into account the artificial increases of the numbers, we can be sure that the election is invalid. It is also unclear, how the commission members managed to get 148  people vote at home for 1.5 hours,” commented observer Vasil Sinitski, an electioneering agent of candidate Barys Veshchau.

Mikola Haurylenka, an observer of the United Civil Party, expressed his dissent as well: “All ballots – of the home voting, the early voting and the voting on the election day – were mixed in one pile. The observers were allowed to watch the process of vote count from the distance of 10-15 meters.”

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