Early vote in Horki sets records

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Early voting of students

Early voting of students

The election officials of polling station No. 3 in the town of Horki, Mahiliou region, can now recognize the elections valid, after some 250 voters cast their ballots within half an hour on the first day of the early vote campaign.

According to Halina Budnaya, independent observer and editor-in-chief of the Uzhorak newspaper, all of them were students of the Horki-based Belarusian State Agricultural Academy.

“Perhaps, there were even more of them, I just lost count. Some students were coming alone, others were brought in by their curators, then I went out to see them waiting for the students to do their civic duty,” says the observer.

Halina Budnaya also reports similar mass voters’ turnout on the first day of the early vote campaign at other polling stations located on the territory of the Academy.

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