Fair World candidate silenced by state-owned media

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Viktar Bury, candidate for Parliament representing the Fair World Party, has not been able to present his election programme on TV, radio and in state-run newspapers.

Bury’s address was expected to be broadcast on 3 September on Belarus 2 TV channel. However, it was not aired.

According to the candidate, in his speech he was going to tell about the rigging during the 2008 parliamentary elections, which he witnessed while working as an observer.

Viktar Bury’s radio address that was expected to be aired on 12 September on Radio Stalitsa was not even recorded, as the channel’s managers “forgot to invite the candidate.”

The candidate’s election programme was also rejected by the Respublika government-run newspaper. The editors said the article submitted by Mr. Bury had nothing to do with election campaigning. The opposition candidate in his turn argues that the electoral legislation does not provide a sample of proper campaigning.

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