Kalyakin warned for sabotaging credibility of authorities

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The politician told to the website charter97.org about a warning, issued for him by Attorney General's office.

The reason for this warning was publications of Siarhey Kalyakin in the media, in which he criticized the work of the CEC. The warning was issued by the Deputy Prosecutor General Mikalai Kuklis.

Recall, the opposition politician is a member of the Central Election Commission in an advisory capacity, a coordinator of the campaign "For Fair Elections" and the chairman of the Belarusian Leftist Party "Fair World".

"I’ve got a warning for the fact that some information is, supposedly, posted in the internet on my behalf about violations of the election campaign, which is not true. The warning said that my statements "are biased, in fact aimed at undermining the authority of the government and destabilization of the civil society," - said Kalyakin.

The politician considers this warning illegal.

"The government wants to force me to give up voting rights, which are enshrined in the Constitution. I, as the coordinator of the campaign "For Fair Elections", watch for compliance with law in the election campaign, record violations, and tell people about them," - he said.

Siarhey Kalyakin said that he repeatedly spoke about violations during the electoral campaign.

"Of course, I was interviewed in the media and was holding speeches in the CEC, where I was informing them about. Or instance, about the fact that during the shaping of election commissions only one oppositionst out of ten is included, meanwhile nine of ten oeioke in commisions are pro-government members. About cases, when candidates are denied registeration, although the Supreme Court has overturned some of these decisions. I was talking about taboos and censorship of performances of candidates, refusals to print campaign products. All of this information is true and legitimate, I cannot be warned for this," - said the leader of the party "Fair World" in an interview to charter97.org.

Siarhey Kalyakin intends to appeal the issued warning.

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