Brest: nobody wants to take responsibility for censorship

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Dyiana Kastsiukovich, a candidate for the Parliament at Brest-Eastern election constituency #3, nominated by the United Civil Party, still cannot receive a precise answer to her appeals to different state agencies in connection with the limitations she had faced during the recording of her TV speech.

In particular, workers of the TV and radio company “Brest” prohibited her to use the words “boycott”, “picket” and “Lukashenka”.

As Dyiana Kastsiukovich found out from an answer of the Central Election Commission, the question of what can be said in a TV speech to the electorate, is in the competency of a Supervisory Board, but the powers of this institution weren't explained to the candidate, According to another answer, the responsibility for the violation of freedom of expression is on the TV and radio company. What concerns the administration of the company, it hasn't answered the candidate's appeal yet.

“Human Rights Defenders for Free Elections”