Lidziya Yarmoshyna: agitation meetings in yards can shatter peace and quiet of citizens

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Lidziya Yarmoshyna, head of the Central Election Commission

Lidziya Yarmoshyna, head of the Central Election Commission

Ivan Shyla, an electioneering agent of a Salihorsk candidate for the Parliament, Viktar Malochka, has received an answer from the Central Election Commission to his appeal against the ruling of the Salihorsk District Executive Committee “To determine places for mass events, organized by candidates for the Parliament in the Salihorsk district, in the notification order”.

In his appeal Mr. Shyla expressed his dissatisfaction with the ruling which allowed agitation meetings only at some school stadiums and the “Maladosts” park on the city outskirts, which considerably limited the possibilities for contacts with the electorate. The central square, the main streets, the yards and other busy places weren't included in the list of places which are allowed for agitation.

Predictably enough, the head of the Central Election Commission took the side of the authorities. “During the preparation of this ruling the local authorities took into account the fact that large assemblies of people can occur as a result of such events. That's why yards are not suitable for it. It can shatter the peace and quiet of the people living in the yard and block the traffic,” stated Lidziya Yarmoshyna in her answer. However, she doesn't write anything about the reasons for banning such events in the main streets and squares of Salihorsk which surely have enough space.

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