Registered as candidate, but lost time for agitation

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Viktar Tsiareshchanka

Viktar Tsiareshchanka

Viktar Tsiareshchanka managed to get registered as a candidate for the Parliament only after applying to the Supreme Court. Now he also has to apply to the Central Election Commission in connection with some issues: the late registration limited his opportunities in comparison to his rivals: ten days of agitation period have passed already, and the time for TV and radio appearances is running out.

Bear in mind that Viktar Tsiareshchanka runs at Sharkaushyna election constituency #29. His candidacy wasn't registered as the election commission found a number of signatures in his support to be invalid.

Trying to prove the validity of the signatures at the Central Election Commissions, Mr. Tsiareshchanka brought written statements of the signers in which they confirmed having put signatures in his support. However, the head of the Central Election Commission Lidziya Yarmoshyna stated that the CEC must take a decision “on the basis of the documents which were obtained by the constituency election commission”, after which he had to apply to court.

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