KGB continues crackdown on social network groups

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The group “We're fed up with Lukashenka” on VKontakte social networking website is again controlled by the KGB after it had been hacked, deleted and restored. The secret services do not delete information from the community, but publish libel against group's administrators.

The group was hacked via the account of one of its founders, Aleh Shramuk. It is likely that Aleh was arrested again after the group had been restored and was made to restore his personal account, which he earlier deleted. KGB officers could get access to the group through Shramuk's account. Before the takeover of the group, Aleh wrote another administrator of the group in Poland via Skype that he KGB officers had threatened to break his legs. Aleh Shramuk then disappeared.

Having gained control over the group “We're fed up with Lukashenka”, secret service officers began to post libel against other administrators of the groups. In particular, they wrote that Maksim Charniauski worked for the KGB. The secret services want to discredit the administrator through his own group.

Maksim Charniauski commented on the situation to

“We were happy this morning that the group was restored. Unfortunately, our joy was short. Our community was again taken under control. It's not a big problem, because we have another group 'We're fed up with Lukashenka', which we created just after the old one had been deleted. Libel against me looks ridiculous. No comments here. The main thing today is what the arrested administrators of the group will face. I fear for the life and health of Aleh Shramuk, Andrei Tkachou and Pavel Yeutsikheyeu. I cannot imagine what they can expect, but I have no doubts they faced violence and tortures,” Maksim Charniauski said.


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