Maladechna: candidate gets warned

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Constituency election commission #72 in Maladechna issued a warning to a candidate of the Belarusian Popular Front Party Yan Lahvinovich for non-presentation of a copy of the vacation leave presented to him in connection with the parliamentary election.

The candidate states that the Electoral Code of the Republic of Belarus contains no provisions which would oblige him to present such documents to the election commission. That's why he appealed the warning to the Central Election Commission.

Yan Lahvinovich works at a private enterprise. Till lately he has been on a usual vacation leave and was not going to take an additional vacation leave in connection with the election.

According to Article 77 of the Electoral Code, “after the registration... candidates for the Chamber of Representatives are freed from their labor duties without the payment of the wage since the day of the registration till the election day. The reason for such vacation is the decision of an appropriate commission concerning the registration of a candidate and the candidate's application for vacation in connection with participation in electoral measures without payment of the wage. At this time the candidates can be also given a vacation leave on their personal application.”

Meanwhile, Yan Lahvinovich was exactly on an ordinary vacation leave at the time. Now he is waiting for explanations and comments of the Central Election Commission.

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