Director General of Belarusian Potassium Company actively promoted by authorities

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 29 August representatives of the district executive committees and the Presidiums of the district councils of Bialynihy, Kruhliany and Shklou held joint sittings

The candidacy of the head of the Belarusian Potassium Company Valery Ivanou was unanimously nominated for the upcoming parliamentary election at all three sittings.

During the sitting of the Bialynichy District Executive Committee and the Presidium of the Bialynichy District Council the deputy head of the Bialynichy DEC on ideology Nadzeya Serykava stated that Valery Ivanou was “well-known in Bialynichy. he earned the trust and respect of the district dwellers, as far as he has actively facilitated the resolving of their problems, honestly defended their rights and interests, is not afraid of difficulties and is always present where the situation is not simple.”

The deputy head of the Belarusian Popular Front Party Ryhor Kastusiou, who was the rival of the-then head of the Shklou District Executive Committee Valery Ivanou at the parliamentary election-2008, is not that optimistic:

“This is not an election, it is just another profanation. Valery Ivanou moved to Minsk long ago and comes to his electoral constituency very seldom. What has happened is just the appointment of another official to another seat. What MP can he be if he doesn't live in the constituency where he runs?”

Bear in mind that during the parliamentary election-2008 a member of constituency election commission #90 Piatro Mihurski (nominated by the BPF) disclosed numerous violations. In particular, precinct election commissions passed to the constituency election commission unfilled blanks of resulting protocols, signed by all members of the commissions. The blanks that concerned Haradzets and Aleksandryia were demonstrated to journalists and international observers.

In the second half of August the member of the Chamber of Representatives of the Fourth Convocation Valery Ivanou held one of the last receptions of electors in the Kruhliany district. According to the state-owned district newspaper “Selskaye Zhyttsio” (#64 of 22 August), Ivanou presented computers to the head of the Kruhliany District Executive Committee A. Dutsko and his personal aide A. Beliankin to express his gratitude for assistance in the implementation of his duties as MP.

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