Hrodna observers denied access to sittings of election commissions

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Several independent observers registered in the constituency election commissions of Hrodna region will not be able to monitor the verification of signatures submitted for potential candidates’ nominations, after their applications were dismissed by local election officials.

The bans received by observers Aleh Ramashkevich (constituency No. 56, Masty), and Viktar Parfionenka and Raman Yurhel (constituency No. 49, Hrodna) refer to Art. 38 and Art. 67 of the Electoral Code. Another independent observer Yury Kurhanski (constituency No. 51, Hrodna) was told the papers submitted by the only potential candidate running in the constituency – Mr. Liskovich – had been already checked by the commission.

As a result, the observers will only be allowed attending the sittings of election commissions where the final results will be announced, i.e. they have become “blind witnesses” of the commissions’ earlier decisions.

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