Polatsk: prosecutor's office finds nothing illegal in canvassing at work

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Election observer Yury Belski filed two addresses to the Polatsk City Prosecutor's Office during the canvassing campaign. In the both cases described by him representatives of the electoral team of a pro-governmental candidate Natallia Huivik who were state officials collected signatures in support of her candidacy during the working hours.

However, the Polatsk City Prosecutor's Office answered that there was found no evidence confirming the facts stated in his applications and the participation of any officials in canvassing didn't contradict to the Electoral Code. At the same time, it remains unclear, why these officials collected signatures at work, which can be easily confirmed by analysis of the signature sheets passed to the constituency election commission.

Bear in mind that the electoral team of the pro-governmental candidate Natallia Huivik consists of more than 70 people, mainly middle-rank officials, and passed to the election commission more than 3.5 thousand of signatures in her support.

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