Bialynichy authorities propose parliamentary candidates to hold electoral meetings in lime grove

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

On 7 August the Bialynichy District Executive Committee determined the places where candidates for the Parliament are allowed to hold electoral meetings and place agitation materials.

On 8 August Ruling #17-3 of the Bialynichy DEC was uploaded to its internet website and published by the state-owned newspaper “Zara nad Druttsiu”.

According to the ruling, outdoor meetings can be held only on the ground in front of the stage in the lime grove of Bialynichy.

There is no sense for the candidates to hold electoral meetings there, as people usually come to the lime grove for concerts or holidays. The conditions of agitation are much worse compared to the presidential election of 2010, when agitation was allowed almost everywhere in the town.

During the present election, indoor meetings can be conducted at the district culture center and village houses of culture.

Agitation materials can be placed in the buildings where electoral commissions are situated, at the informational stands of administrative buildings of village councils, shops, cultural and educational institutions and organizations. It's quite unclear why the execution committee didn't allow the placement of such materials on the advertisement boards of block houses, where many people could read them.

The DEC also ruled that all electoral events held by candidates and their agents are to be held “in line with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus on mass events”.

The deputy head of the Bialynichy District Executive Committee Nadzeya Serykava, who has been responsible for the latest electoral campaigns, was charged with supervision over the implementation of the ruling. In 2010 Nadzeya Serykava coordinated the actions of the police during the dispersal of an electoral meeting of presidential candidate Ryhor Kastusiou in Bialynichy.

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