Mahiliou: ban on canvassing is referred to care about children

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Pavel Shyshou, the head of a number of hostels including hostel in Tsimirazeu Street 11, required explanations from his subordinate, an activist of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) after learning that he was a member of the electoral team of prospective candidate Leanid Padbiaretski, and prohibited him to collect signatures in the hostel.

Mikalai Zalozny wrote an explanatory note, in which he stated that the law didn't oblige him to inform the official about his membership in electoral teams and that the latter violated his constitutional rights. The activist also emphasized that he intended to collect signatures during non-working hours.

Zalozny works as internal plumber at the hostel located in Kasmanautau Street 45, also subordinated to Shyshou. According to him the hostel warden and up-bringer collected signatures in support of Mahiliou region prosecutor Eduard Siankevich with the use of the administrative resource: the warden ordered the dwellers to come to her room and put their signatures in his support.

“You work in the system of the communal economy of the Republic of Belarus and serve the hostels where under-aged children also live, and Your views, if they contradict to the state order, can have a negative influence on them,” wrote the head of the hostels Pavel Shyshou in response to the explanatory note written by his subordinate.

Moreover, the canvasseur is informed that there's a special admission regime in hostels, due to which the people who have no acquaintances and relatives in the hostels are prohibited to enter them for the safety of the dwellers' property and peace.

The blockade of activities of electoral teams of opposition candidates continues: on 7 August another canvasseur from Padbiaretski's team tried to get into hostel in Tsimirazeu Street 11 and wasn't let in.

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