Barysau human rights defender exposes lies by constituency election commission

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Human rights defender Aleh Matskevich

Human rights defender Aleh Matskevich

Barysau human rights defender Aleh Matskevich has received a reply from the Central Election Commission head Lidziya Yarmoshyna, saying nothing of the essence of his complaint – an illegal decision taken by the members of constituency election commission No. 62.

“I can draw two conclusions: firstly, there are no real professionals in the constituency election commission, as they ignored an instruction by the CEC and denied accreditation to me; secondly, there are liars there, as we can see in Yarmoshyna’s letter: “According to secretary of the election commission of Barysau constituency No. 62, your nomination as an observer was not on the agenda of the commission’s sitting.” Thus, the commission’s secretary Tatsiana Stasava distorted the information, that is, told lies. And I can prove it, since I have a tape of the commission’s sitting of 17 July, saying that my nomination was put on the vote by only eight persons,” says the human rights defender.