Mikalai Dziadok to spend 6 months in cell

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Political prisoner Mikalai Dziadok was placed in a cell-type facility for 6 months for the alleged refusal to implement the order of the administration of Shklou colony #17 about six-day labor week.

This information was provided to Radio “Racyja” by the wife of the imprisoned anarchist, Valeryia Khotsina. According to her, at present Mikalai is kept in the cell alone.

“It wasn’t a surprise to anyone. It is the first time for a year and nine month when he managed to stay alone, because there was always somebody near him. That’s why he said that he didn’t feel much strain and asked the people not to worry,” said Valeryia.

During these six months the prisoner won’t have an opportunity to watch the TV, meet with his relatives or phone them.