Police burst into apartment of “Young Front” activists

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Riot police burst into an apartment rented by “Young Front” activists Mikola Dzemidzenka, Zmitser Kramianetski and Raman Vasiliieu. The youngsters were detained and taken away in unknown direction. The keys from the apartment were taken away as well.

During the assault the police used violence. All present people were ordered to lie on the floor with their faces down. Uladzimir Yaromenak was initially ordered to stand facing the wall, with his legs spread wide apart, but then was knocked down by a policeman.

“Young Front” activists think that the assault is connected to hanging out a white-red-white flag in Niamiha Street this morning and say that the detainees could be taken to the Frunzenski District Police Department in order to be given charges.

The previous assault on the apartment took place on 26 April, several hours before “Chernobyl Way” rally in Minsk.