"Terrorists" executed?

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Belarus will meet the anniversary of the bloodiest terrorist act in the history of the country in high spirits. The case is closed, the guilty are punished…

The sentence passed to Zmitser Kanavalau and Uladzislau Kavaliou shocked the public. The powers had to justify themselves. Even Aliaksandar Lukashenka made an appearance, explained that such decisions are difficult to take, and promised to consider…

And then he took a long break.

Like an experienced hunter, he was waiting, taking his time. He wanted the public to calm down. His loyal media would work on the public opinion at his command. When the interrogation scripts that last for many hours would be uploaded on-line and completely erode any assessment…

Guilty? Innocent? Who knows…

And at this very moment when emotions aroused by the unjust sentence (according to a major part of the society, if not to the majority) got down, Lukashenka signed the paper and gave order to open fire.

As far as I understand the guilty have already been executed. Right before the execution those who are sentenced to death get to know if their appeal for pardon was declined. I think that Zmitser Kanavalau and Uladzislau Kavaliou learnt about Lukashenka’s decision before us.

I have to admit I doubted that Uladzislau Kavaliou would be executed. His part in the terroristic act was obviously staged, and Kanavalau was called “a loner terrorist” before the trial.

A loner means he was acting alone. But apparently the words of high officials don’t mean a thing. A loner today, a terrorist with an accomplice tomorrow…

This should be the most controversial death sentence in the history of Belarus. Obviously, the court, prosecution, KGB, Home Ministry and all police authorities failed to prove the guilt of Kanavalau and Kavaliou. Numerous vexed questions were raised during the trial. They remain without answers…

And nobody can give the answers anymore.


The powers will meet the oncoming anniversary of the bloodiest terrorist act in the history of Belarus in high spirits. The case is closed, the guilty are punished... Everything was done in a surprisingly short time. The public? They will calm down after a while. But the mother, Liubou Ivanauna Kavaliova, who desperately defended her son, against the entire state machine, will stay with a wound that never heals.

Andrzej Poczobut


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