Barysau district: villagers collect signatures against construction of garbage-processing plant

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Citizens of the villages Pchelnik, Stara-Barysau and the agrarian settlement Dziamidauka disagree with the authorities' intention to construct the plant close to their homes athwart the initially published plans.

That's why they are collecting signatures under an address to the member of the Chamber of Representatives of the National Assembly Viktar Huminski, the head of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Barys Batura, the head of the Minsk Regional Department of the State Control Committee Uladzimir Tsydzik, the head of the Barysau District Executive Committee Uladzimir Miranovich, the Barysau district prosecutor Aleh Audzei and the head of the suburb village executive committee Barys Laputska.

At first the authorities intended to construct the plant 1.5 kilometers away from the underpopulated village of Rakautsy, whereas now they want to do it close to the village of Pchelnik. The plans were changed in secret. Indignant villagers have put more than 400 signatures under this address so far. The collection of signatures continues.