Babruisk: Alena Toustsik regularly “invited” to police

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Activist of the United Civil Party Alena Toustsik, fined for lighting candles on the Ancestors’ Day, 2 November, suffers from excessive police attention.

Besides the fine, she also faced problems at the place of residence – in April she will be evicted from the hostel where she and her daughter are officially registered. Moreover, recently she has started receiving “invitations” to come to the local police bureau in connection with the change of her passport and also for giving her fingerprints.

The invitations are brought not to the hostel, but to the mother’s apartment where Alena is currently living, which means that the police know her location. “At first police inspector Dzianis Rakouski kept phoning to the apartment telling me to come to the police for fingerprinting. When I refused he told that they needed to introduce changes in their database as I had changed my passport. I don’t know and can’t understand the reasons for their interest. May be, the real reason is that they want to get my fingerprints,” comments the woman.

Alena Toustsik refused to come to the police bureau without getting an official writ. She says that police officers keep bringing invitations written with a black pen on ordinary paper. During the last visit they brought a summons that was filled in the wrong way.

Bear in mind that recently another person fined for lightning candles, Artsiom Markhasiou, has been summonsed to the police. The police took his fingerprints and then let him go.