Aliaksandr Kruty states that his daughter still hasn't received compensation

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Minsk citizen Aliaksandr Kruty, who is kept in the pre-trial prison in Valadarski Street, awaiting the direction for forced psychiatric treatment, imposed by a court verdict, sent a letter to the Homel-based activist of the coalition “Our Alternative” Kanstantsin Zhukouski.

Bear in mind that the ruling for the direction of Aliaksandr Kruty to the psychiatric hospital was issued by court in December 2011. His daughter Inesa Krutaya, disagrees with the verdict and is convinced that the persecution of her father and considers it as revenge of the authorities for his active participation in the trial of the criminal case concerning the terrorist act in the Minsk metro (Mr. Kruty represented her interests at it). During the trial, Aliaksandr Kruty asked “inconvenient questions” to the court and proposed to abolish the death penalty.

In his letter, dated 29 January 2012, he writes almost nothing about himself, but expresses his concern with his daughter's state of health. According to him, it quickly deteriorates. There is a metallic splinter in her pupil and she will need money if a surgical operation is necessary. They live on one pension together with her disabled mother. Before the imprisonment, Mr. Kruty took care of the women, but now they are left alone.

Mr. Kruty associates the deterioration of the daughter's health with the trauma of the brain she received during the blast in the metro. He says that the medics didn't conduct a complete examination of the brain. Inessa didn't receive a financial compensation as a victim of the terrorist act. She wasn't found invalid and therefore receives no social pension. “As far as I know, Inesa received nothing out of the milliards of rubles raised by the people to support the victims. It's great that there are people who help her, she wouldn't cope with it all on her own. Her addresses to all state bodies are ignored. And this is by far incomplete list of our problems,” states Aliaksandr Kruty.

Homel-based activists decided to start collecting money to support the victim of the terrorist act, and ask all concerned people to join this initiative.

One can reach Inesa Krutaya on the following telephone: 8.10-17-270-73-04.