Sannikau's lawyers go to court

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According to the wife of the political prisoner, Iryna Khalip, on 31 January the lawyers filed a lawsuit with the Mahiliou City Court concerning their non-admission to Mr. Sannikau during his keeping in the Mahiliou prison.

“We have the lawyer's application for a meeting with Sannikau, and an answer from Lamaza (Aliaksandr Lamaza, head of Mahiliou prison #4) in which he says that such meeting couldn't be arranged as Sannikau was a transit prisoner. There is also an answer from the Mahiliou procuracy to a lawyer's appeal where it is written that the meeting wasn't allowed because Sannikau hadn't asked for a meeting with his lawyer, and an answer from the Penalty Execution Department of the MIA that there was no sufficient motivation for a meeting with the lawyer,” said Mrs. Khalip.

She also reminded that analogical lawsuit was filed with the Vitsebsk Regional Court against actions of the administration of penal colony “Vitsba-3” where Sannikau was kept. The lawsuit was turned down. “I understand that the same thing will happen in Mahiliou, but we cannot abstain from acting. We need to have concrete facts for the future, when all this will be considered,” explained Iryna Khalip.