Police see political action in work of a journalist

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Alisa Pol, a correspondent for “Brestski Kuryer” newspaper, was detained by police during conducting an opinion poll in street.

“I was interviewing people near the collective farm market since noon till 1 pm. I asked if they were happy with their wages, how much they’d like to earn, what they can buy for the money they have and what must be done to improve their life.

Three police officers approached me and said I was carrying out political propaganda. They said they’d received a telephone call about this. I was taken to a police station and they checked my ID. Policemen ordered me to write an explanation notice and doubted if my “Brestski Kuryer” press card was valid,” the journalist says.

The detained corresponded called human rights activist Uladzimir Vuyek, who asked the policemen if the journalist had really been detained. According to Alisa Pol, police officers answered they were just talking to her and released her immediately.

No police reports were drawn up, “Belorusski Partizan” notes.

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