KGB warns Ivatsevichy activists

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The participants of the 19 December post-election street action Vladislav Mikolaychik and Stanislau Khaladovich were summonsed to the Biaroza inter-district KGB Department.

Officer Mikalai Yazerski didn’t allow them to the KGB together with the people who could represent their interests.

‘I was familiarized with a warning about inadmissibility of further violations of the law. It was stated that traits of a crime were observed in my earlier violation. I didn’t agree to it. If is signed this prophylactic document it would bean that I confessed the things I had denied at court,’ commented Stanislau Khaladovich.

Vladislav Mikolaychik, in his turn, signed the warning.

Bear in mind that after the 19 December action in Minsk Khaladovich was arrested for 15 days and Mikolaychik – for 10 days.