Mahiliou: administration of construction trust #12 is going to evict more than 100 people from its hostels

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

More than 100 residents of hostels, which are owned by Mahiliou Construction Trust #12 Ltd., received the appropriate orders. According to these documents, the people don’t have the legal grounds for living in the hostels and they need to conclude rent agreements within 10-day term. Otherwise the trust intends to apply to court for eviction of such persons.

In particular, 45 out of 90 dwellers of the hostel in Budaunikou Street 7 received such orders.

Aliaksei Paulouski, an activist of the Trade Union of Radio Electronic Industry (TUREI), commented on the situation:

‘Note that the entire campaign to evict people from the hostels actually started after the presidential election campaign. To my mind, the reason is that the administration of the building trust changed, and as a result all people who don’t work in state institutions are being evicted. The previous administration settled people in the hostels for bribes – that’s why now they are facing the danger of eviction. It’s quite possible that the new administration also wants to organize bribery for settlement in the hostels.

On 9 December 2010 the first preliminary sitting of the Leninski District Court of Mahiliou on this case took place. The court examined the claim Yury Miranovich and Iryna Miranovich, dwellers of the hostel in Budaunikou Street 7, to Construction Trust #12. The trial was scheduled for 22 February.

‘I have been living in the room for about 10 years. It was received by my husband, but 3 years ago we got divorced, and now were are living in it with my 11-year-old son. If we are evicted - we have nowhere to go. I cannot rent an apartment for my wage. In fact, we are thrown out on the street. A man has been already evicted from the neighboring hostel. His belongings were just thrown out of the window. Now he spends nights in the rooms of his neighbors. We don’t want to get in such a situation.

It should be noted that this is the first trial on this occasion. The interests in the court of Yury Martsinovich and Iryna Martsinovich are represented by Aliaksei Yauhenau, a TUREI lawyer.

‘This is the first application to our trade union. We will struggle for leaving the room to the woman and her son, the more that he is under age. We also recommend all people affected by such problems to apply to us – we will try to find opportunities to let them continue living in the hostels,’ commented the lawyer.