Barys Haretski gets warned

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On 10 February Barys Haretski, a journalist with Radio Racyja, came to the General Procuracy to which he was summonsed for answering some questions concerning his professional activities.

'At 10 a.m. I came to the interrogation which lasted for about 40 minutes. It was held by justice advisor Pavel Yeliseyeu. He questioned me about the events of 17 January, when I had been detained. I refused to answer the majority of the questions referring to my right not to testify against myself. He also asked about my relation to Radio Racyja. After this I was issued with an official warning about the inadmissibility of working for a foreign media without an official accreditation. I consider this warning as unlawful, as it violates my constitutional right to collect, keep and disseminate information.

As it is stated in the warning, I can be punished according to the law in the case I continued my activities. However, at present the Belarusian legislation doesn't provide any punishment for such activities, as appropriate legal acts haven't been worked out by the Parliament,' commented Barys Haretski.

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