Zmitser Salauyou complains to procuracy concerning actions of KGB during search

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Zmitser Salauyou

Zmitser Salauyou

Zmitser Salauyou, the Chairperson of the Mahiliou Region organization of the Belarusian Popular Front, lodged a complaint with the regional procuracy concerning the actions of KGB officers during the search at his apartment on 15 January.

As it was specified in the warrant, the search was conducted within the framework of the criminal case concerning the unauthorized action Ploshcha-2010 with the aim to confiscate video materials from the protest action, as well as other things and documents that could have a relation to the organization and holding of the 'mass riot'.

As it is stated in the complaint, only one of the four persons who conducted the search were included in the minutes of this procedure – A.Romski, who just composed the minutes, but didn't conducted the search. Three others – Andrei Makhunou, Stanislau (refused to tell his surname) and one more man, who refused to introduce himself at all, weren't put in the minutes, which is a gross violation of the process requirements.

Zmitser Salauyou asks the procuracy to conduct a check-up concerning the search, give it a legal assessment and draw the KGB officers, who abused their duty powers, to disciplinary and administrative responsibility.