Hrodna: students are expelled for participation in post-election protest action

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The administration of Hrodna State University started expelling students who had taken part in the protest action of 19 December in Minsk. The first victim became Barys Zakharchuk, a student of the physical-technical faculty.

The student has been twice interrogated at the Hrodna Region KGB department during the last month. Moreover, his apartment was searched. As a result, KGB officers confiscated the system unit of his computer.

The official reason for the expulsion is poor academic progress. However, the student connects it with persecution from the side of the Belarusian security services. 'There were no cases when I failed to pass three exams at once. I don't think it's a coincidence,' says Barys.

Yauhen Busko, a second-year student of the physical-technical faculty, served a 15-day arrest for participation in the protest action. He failed to pass 2 exams during the winter session and believes the administration takes purposeful measures for his expulsion. 'When I came back, the lecturers looked at me strangely. It was clear that they were implementing an order they received. Later my friends told me that my documents had been passed to the dean's office back on 20 December,' commented Yauhen.