Lawyer: Nyaklyayeu had four hypertension strokes in KGB prison

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The lawyer of a former presidential candidate Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu met his client on the evening of January 30. Tamara Sidarenka has informed “Solidarity” that she read the order to change his measure of restraint and discussed some issues connected with his defense.

"Uladzimir Nyaklyayeu had four hypertension strokes in the KGB detention centre. Medical assistance was rendered but I cannot assess its quality. Uladzimir Nyaklyeyu feels better at home and says that his condition is normal. However, the after-effects of the trauma he received on December 19 may be still obvious. He is complaining about headaches and cannot always recall people’s names and events. He has to make a certain effort to do it”, - said Sidarenka.

Speaking about the change of his measure of restraint, one could say that he has exchanged a less comfortable prison for a more comfortable one.