KGB continues large-scale search campaign all over Belarus

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Belarus is swung with a wave of searches, detentions and interrogations held by KGB within the framework of the criminal case that has been instigated upon Article 293 of the Criminal Code (mass riot) in connection with the 19 December protest rally in the center of Minsk.


KGB officers took away a computer as a result of the search at the apartment of a Young Front member Pavel Kuryianovich. Earlier, several days before the election, his passport had been taken away by the police.

Mr. Kuryianovich studies at Kastus Kalinouski educational program in Poland. He cannot cross the border without the passport. Pavel's friends also think he can be arrested as a participant of the protest rally, which can create some problems for his studies.

The apartment of Dzmitry Apishau was searched as well. His coat was taken away as a result. Following the search, he was declared the ninth suspect in the criminal case.

Minsk district

KGB officers smashed the door of the neighbors of the youth leader Yauhen Afnahel in a private house in the village of Malinauka. Then they tried to get to the part of the house that belonged to the Afnahels by using the emergency exit. The assault was witnessed Afnahel's father-in-law and wife. Yauhen wasn't at home at that time and doesn't intend to meet with KGB officers.

A search was held. A video camera and computer appliances were taken away as a result.

On 5 December evening KGB officers searched the house of a BPF member, teacher Natallia Illinich. Her computer was taken away.

Maryina Horka
The apartment of Ales Vaskovich, a founder of the Union for Modernization, headed by the presidential candidate Aliaksei Mikhalevich, was searched as well. Mr. Vaskovich was absent from home during the search. KGB officers held it in presence of his sister and mother. They took away a video cassette with protest rallies and copied several files from the computer. They also wanted to take away a small white-red-white flag, but later changed their mind.


KGB officers held a search at the apartment of Vital Amialkovich, an electioneering agent of the presidential candidate Ryhor Kastusiou. Before this, they searched the apartment of Dzianis Balakir and confiscated from him information carriers.


On 6 January an activist of the For Freedom movement Dzmitry Vinahradau received a telephone call from KGB officers who told they intended to search his apartment. Meanwhile, his son Vital has recently served 10-day arrest in the Zhodzina jail for participation in the 19 December action. Dzmitry was also an election observer during the presidential election and registered a number of violations committed by the local election commission.


KGB searched the apartment of Valery Rybchanka, a distributor of the Tovarishch newspaper from Zhlobin.


According to a human rights defender Leanid Sudalenka, KGB officers searched the private house rented by the Homel regional organization of the United Civil Party. They also searched the apartment of the Homel coordinator of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Kanstantsin Zhukouski and are trying to get into the apartment of a youth activist Yauhen Yakavenka.