Justice Ministry brings Andrei Sannikau's lawyer to administrative responsibility

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

The Justice Ministry has brought to disciplinary responsibility the lawyer who defends the arrested presidential candidate Andrei Sannikau.

The Justice Ministry has sent a recommendation to the Minsk City Bar to bring lawyer Pavel Sapelka (Andrei Sannikau’s defence lawyer) to disciplinary responsibility, and offered to consider the expediency of his staying a member of the bar.

Displeasure of the Justice Ministry had been caused by the words of the lawyer of the KGB prisoner about 'the pressure on the part of the state on the work of state lawyers'.

The Justice Ministry believes that the lawyer 'has taken the liberty of making inappropriate statements about the college of lawyers, as an independent legal institution, and questioned justifiability of actions of the Justice Ministry'.

One more victim of 'the rampage of the law' was a decision to annul the license of the lawyer of the Hrodna Regional Bar, V. Busko, 'for violation of the law currently in force in the form of participation in the unsanctioned rally on 19 December 2010, which caused mass riots and damage to the state institutions'.

Other lawyers 'have been warned that they should make more appropriate comments in the media, which would not give a handle to distortion of real facts and information received'.