Searches in apartments of democratic activists continue

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One of the leaders of the movement of entrepreneurs, Ales Makayeu, has informed BelaPAN that KGB members searched his flat yesterday. Minsk and Minsk Province KGB members confiscated his system unit. Makayeu will have to visit KGB for an interrogation on 5 January.

Let us remind you that Makayeu was released from Zhodzina prison yesterday. He was arrested for 15 days for participation in the action in Minsk on 19 December 2010.

The flat belonging to a youth activist Andrei Prasniak was searched yesterday. He was not at home at that moment, only the young man’s parents were there. KGB members confiscated his laptop, 26 CDs and 140 badges Pillow Fight. They left a copy of the report to his parents.

KGB members also searched the flat of a youth activist Aliaksandr Piatkevich. His laptop and media were confiscated. He will also have to visit KGB to be interrogated tomorrow.