KGB is looking for directors of Free Theater

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The Human Rights Center “Viasna”

Special services of Belarus have started to seek out the leadership of the Free Theater of Belarus.

The parents of Natallia Kaliada, the Director of the Free Theatre, have informed that yesterday, on 4 January, the apartment where Natallia and her husband, art director of the theater Mikalai Khalezin, live, was visited by KGB officers.

They examined the apartment and asked a number of questions. In particular, they were interested how Kaliada and Khalezin had managed to get away from the country; their whereabouts and the whereabouts of their daughter.

Charter’97 website has contacted the directorship of the theater, and they said that at the moment they are touring in New York. In addition to performances, they plan to hold a number of meetings with politicians, community leaders and artists – participants of the Global international campaign of solidarity with Belarus. Besides, a number of meetings in Washington are planned, including a meeting in the US Congress.

Bear in mind that Natallia Kaliada was detained and fined 1,050,000 rubles (about $350) for participation in a peaceful protest rally. On 20 December special services officers were searching for Mikalai Khalezin. The international coordinator of the theatre Artsiom Zhalazniak was sentenced to 11 days in prison.