Journalist fired for refusal to condemn Square action

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Ales Liauchuk, the correspondent of the newspaper "Znamya Yunosti", has been fired. Ales cooperated with a series of independent media, apart from this state newspaper. 

He has received a letter informing he should file an application for resignation in accordance with the decision of the Chief Editor Jauhen Mialeshka.

Ales says that the reason for this was his refusal to fulfill the editor's tasks. He was supposed to write about good election; to interrogate the Bresters, who, in their turn, should tell how they support the current President. It was forbidden to mention the names of the alternative candidates. Only positive things. The last task was to condemn the Square action, said Ales. 

Ales refused to write about this and then received the letter informing he had been fired. Ales is convinced they fired him due to political reasons, informs Radio Liberty.