Police say that they identified most of people who took part in «mass riots» on December 19

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The police announced on Wednesday that they had identified most of the people who they said took part in "mass riots" in Minsk on December 19. 

The Minsk city police department's press office warned that none of the people who participated actively in what the authorities describe as an attempt by anti-Lukashenka demonstrators to storm the House of Government would avoid punishment. 

The press office said that some 400 people had hurled stones and empty bottles at the building and attempted to smash its doors and burst inside. 

The police noted that they had enough video footage and pictures to identify all of the people and bring them to justice. 

More than 600 people are said to have been arrested by police during the crackdown on the protest. Seventeen people, including six presidential candidates, have been declared suspects in a mass riot case opened in connection with the demonstration. 

Many believe that the attempt to storm the House of Government was led by plainclothesmen acting to provoke the crowd. //BelaPAN