Presidential candidate Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu's family and lawyer do not know his whereabouts

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The presidential candidate Uladzimir Nyaklyaeu's family and his lawyer have not received any information about his health condition for several days, reports "Gazeta.Ru"

The lawyer Tamara Sidarenka did not manage to meet with her client on December 22, like the day before. She does not know about his health condition. Nyaklyaeu's wife Volha Nyaklyaeva direcltly says to the journalists that she wants to know whether her husband is still alive. 

Sidarenka has spent almost the whole day in the KGB detention center on December 22, but they "couldn't find a spare room" to organize a meeting with him. The lawyer does not exclude they purposefully prevent her from seeing her client. She has filed a claim to the General public prosecutor's office about impossibility to implement the granted right for a contact with a client. 

Volha Nyaklyaeva has informed she also doesn't know where her husband is. She could only say that the representatives of the KGB detention center had taken a parcel with warm clothes and things of first need from her to pass him. They took the parcel only after calling the investigator. When she was giving them the things she asked whether her husband was really there. They gave her an indirect answer, like, if we take the things that means he is here, said Nyaklyaeu's wife. 
The correspondent of "Gazeta.Ru" reminded that all the other candidates and their representatives had already met with their lawyers.